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Celtic Jewellery Cornwall

Explore our Celtic Silver Jewellery and Cornish Tin Jewellery collection, showcasing Cornwall’s deep Celtic heritage. Each piece, crafted in silver, gold, handmade pewter or Cornish tin, reflects ancient Celtic designs found across the region, making perfect gifts.

Celtic jewellery Cornwall

Celtic Jewellery Cornwall

Discover Cornwall's Celtic history with our specially curated collection of Celtic Jewellery products. Here at Sennen Jewellery, we celebrate the connection between the ancient Celts and the scenic Cornish landscapes, where their legacy continues to inspire the designs of our products.

Our selection features exquisite pieces primarily crafted in silver, each embodying the intricate knotwork, spirals, and symbolism that define Celtic art.


These designs not only reflect the skills of ancient craftsmen but also resonate with stories from a time when the Celts thrived in Cornwall.

Our collections include a range of items from delicate silver earrings to robust pewter pendants, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

The Celts, known for their fierce independence and spiritual connection to nature, took refuge in Cornwall during historic invasions. The artefacts, items and symbols they left behind, such as the iconic Celtic cross and triskelion, are deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the region.


All the jewellery products in our collection are a tribute to this enduring heritage, offering both residents and visitors a chance to own a piece of Cornish heritage.

Whether you are looking for a special gift or a meaningful addition to your own jewellery collection, our products provide a wide range of options to choose from.


Explore our diverse selection and find a jewellery item that connects you with the ancient and mystical place that is Cornwall.

Celtic Jewellery Cornwall
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