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Celtic Crosses

Explore our exquisite range of Celtic Cross Pendants, featuring unique Celtic Crosses crafted in Sterling silver, 9ct Gold and handmade pewter. Each pendant captures the timeless beauty and rich symbolism of this iconic design, making a Celtic cross a great gift that carries historical significance and spiritual meaning.

Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic Cross Pendant Meaning


What is a Celtic Cross?

The Celtic Cross is a distinctive symbol that combines a traditional Christian cross with a circle around the intersection, symbolizing eternity and the sun.


Originating from Ireland, the Celtic Cross has deep roots in Irish heritage and is revered not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its representation of faith, unity, and cosmic harmony.

Celtic Cross History: A Design from Ireland

Celtic crosses have been a part of Irish culture since the early Middle Ages, possibly evolving from earlier pagan symbols which the circle in the cross represents the sun. Initially, these crosses served as prominent boundary markers and meeting points for religious ceremonies. Over time, the Celtic Cross has been embraced by many for its intricate knotwork and detailed design, which often includes Irish motifs and Celtic knotwork patterns.

Today, the Celtic Cross Pendant is a great choice for those who appreciate Celtic history and the artistry of Irish jewellery. Our selection of Celtic Crosses includes Cross pendants in Sterling silver and 9ct gold and handmade pewter Celtic Crosses, made in Cornwall.

Why Choose a Celtic Cross Pendant?

A Celtic Cross Pendant is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a piece of history, a symbol of faith, and a stylish accessory combined into one.


Whether in Sterling Silver, pewter or Gold, it makes a great gift for anyone who values heritage and spirituality, or for those who simply love the style of Celtic design.

Crafted with Care

Each Celtic Cross Pendant in our collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Whether in shimmering sterling silver, gold or pewter, every cross pendant reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity.


The intricate Celtic cross designs encapsulate both traditional Celtic styles and modern Celtic Cross interpretations, ensuring that each piece is both timeless and contemporary.

Explore Our Range

Our collection offers a Celtic Cross Pendant to suit any taste or occasion. From the classic simplicity of a plain Sterling silver cross to elaborate Gold pieces that incorporate the Celtic circle, rich in symbolism of eternity.


Each pendant is designed to be a treasured addition to your jewelry collection or as a meaningful gift to someone special.

For more insights into the history and symbolism of Celtic crosses, visit our blog post here: The Celtic Cross: A Timeless Symbol of Faith and Hope (

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