Cape Clasp Silver Manta Ray Bracelet
  • Cape Clasp Silver Manta Ray Bracelet

    Limited Availability!
    Sterling Silver Manta Ray bracelet with marine grade accessory cord in a neutral cream colour (please note that this is the only cord colour that we have available)


    • Sterling Silver clasp ready for ocean wear
    • Marine grade accessory cord for durability
    • One size fits all
    • Free drawstring bag for transportation


    Despite their size, manta rays move with incredible grace below the waves. These gentle giants are often misunderstood as being dangerous creatures because of their similarities with stingrays, but the truth is they’re harmless.

    As gentle and majestic as they are, manta rays are under threat. They’re hunted for their gill plates, which are mistakenly thought to hold incredibly healing powers in Chinese medicine. Even when they’re not targeted, manta rays are in danger as they often end up as bycatch in fishing equipment.

    15% of profits from every Manta Ray Clasp are donated directly to Sea Legacy to support their efforts in protecting threatened marine species and habitats.

      Thanks for helping Cape Clasp #makewaves for marine life!

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