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The Minha Estrela Ethical Gold Star Pendant, crafted with care by Francesca Stella in her studio in Cornwall, is a remarkable piece of Cornish jewellery that shines with purpose and inspiration.


This exquisite pendant symbolizes your inner guiding star, encouraging a sense of purpose and sparking inspiration.


Offered in either 9ct or 18ct Single Mine Origin ethical gold, each pendant is set with a sustainably sourced, real ruby gemstone, adding elegance and significance.


Wearing the Minha Estrela Pendant symbolizes embracing your inner strength and letting your true self shine through. This piece stands for style, significance, and a dedication to eco-friendly practices, making it perfect for those who value both aesthetics and ethical principles.



Width 3.5cm

Length 3.5cm

0.80mm thickness

weight: 4g in 9ct, 4.5g in 18ct approx.


Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery of this made to order item.

Minha Estrela – Ethical Gold Star Pendant with Ruby


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