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Showcase your Cornish pride with these St Piran Flag Cufflinks, expertly crafted by St Justin in Cornwall. Made of pewter with striking black and white enamel, they depict the iconic Cornish St Piran flag on silver-plated T-bars.


St Piran, the revered patron saint of tin miners, is also celebrated as Cornwall's national saint. The legend of St Piran rediscovering tin-smelting, where tin from his black hearthstone rose to the surface forming a white cross, inspired the design of the St Piran flag. This symbol, a white cross on a black background, is a proud emblem seen throughout Cornwall. St Piran's Day, marked every 5th March, is a festive celebration of Cornish culture and heritage.


Dimensions: Width: 19mm, Height: 10mm


Each pair of cufflinks is presented in a satin-lined and recyclable gift box, making it an ideal gift for those who cherish Cornwall's history and legacy.


St Piran Cufflinks - Pewter


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