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Pair of Handmade Cornish Wedding rings with Cornish language engraving

About Sennen Jewellery

Cornish Jewellery

Founded in 2007, Sennen Jewellery offers a hand selected range of Cornish made jewellery and Cornish designed jewellery, Celtic jewellery and contemporary
UK jewellery in Sterling Silver, Gold, Cornish Tin,
Pewter and Cornish Bronze. 
We offer a free bespoke Cornish Jewellery design service for silver jewellery commissions, gold jewellery commissions and tin jewellery commissions
designed and made in Cornwall, UK.


What is Cornish Tin?

Cornish Tin is tin that was originally mined in Cornwall, UK.  Although tin deposits still exist in Cornwall, this tin was mined historically.  Tin mining began in Cornwall during the Bronze age in around 2150BC and by the 18th Century Cornwall was a world leader in mining.  The last worked tin mine in Cornwall was the South Crofty Mine, which closed in 1998.

Does Sennen Jewellery Tin Jewellery contain Cornish Tin?

Yes; Cornish Tin is used in Sennen Jewellery's Tin Jewellery range. 
Unique Cornish tin from a shipwreck from 1863 is used in our range of St Justin jewellery.  This Cornish tin was originally smelted in Cornwall and carries an ancient pedigree not found elsewhere.

If tin is required in our Cornish jewellery design commissions then we are able to source genuine Cornish tin from the South Crofty Mine, which is very limited in supply.

Is the Jewellery Made in Cornwall?

On each product page you will be able to see whether the jewellery has been Made in Cornwall or designed in Cornwall. 
All our Cornish jewellery design commissions are Designed in Cornwall and then Made in Cornwall by our talented metalsmith, and can be stamped with a Cornish maker's Hallmark if required.


What Packaging do you Use?

All our jewellery is supplied in eco-friendly jewellery boxes with our Sennen Jewellery logo.
The exception to this is St Justin jewellery range which is supplied in a St Justin eco friendly jewellery box, although if you would prefer a Sennen Jewellery box then just let us know.

Why should I Commission a Piece of Jewellery?

Commissioning a piece of Cornish Jewellery means that you have the opportunity to help to design your piece of bespoke jewellery.  From the choice of metal to the style of the jewellery, you can work with our jewellery designer to create a Cornish jewellery design that is very personal and unique.  Cornish Engagement rings and Cornish Wedding rings are popular choices for a bespoke piece, and we can also remodel vintage jewellery to your specification.
Why not begin the process with a Free Jewellery Design consultation with our in house jewellery designer.

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