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About Sennen Jewellery

Cornish Jewellery

Founded in 2007, Sennen Jewellery is deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Cornwall. We're passionate about bringing to you not just jewellery, but a taste of our beautiful region's vibrant culture and craftsmanship.

We specialize in crafting bespoke jewellery commissions, all intricately handcrafted in Cornwall. These custom pieces capture the essence of Cornish design, providing you with a tangible piece of our heritage that you can treasure forever.

Our extensive collections feature a range of materials from Tin, Bronze and Pewter, predominantly crafted in Cornwall, to Silver and Gold, curated from respected UK designers. We ensure every piece aligns with our ethos, showcasing distinctive Celtic and coastal-inspired designs.

At Sennen Jewellery, our aim is to provide you with pieces that tell a story, embodying the spirit of Cornwall. Trust us to help you find jewellery that not only adorns but also resonates with your personal style and taste. 
Welcome to Sennen Jewellery - The best of Cornish Jewellery Design.


What is Cornish Tin?

Cornish Tin hails from the rich mines of Cornwall, UK. Mined throughout history, starting from the Bronze age circa 2150BC, Cornwall was at the forefront of tin mining for many years.  However, the last operating tin mine in Cornwall, the renowned South Crofty Mine, ceased its operations in 1998.

Does Sennen Jewellery Tin Jewellery contain Cornish Tin?

Indeed, our Tin Jewellery range proudly incorporates Cornish Tin. Our St Justin jewellery, for instance, showcases unique Cornish tin salvaged from an 1863 shipwreck. Originally smelted in Cornwall, this ancient tin possesses a unique lineage unlike any other.

If a commission necessitates tin, we can source genuine, limited-supply Cornish tin from the South Crofty Mine.

Is the Jewellery Made in Cornwall?

Each product page provides clear information about whether the jewellery is made or designed in Cornwall. Rest assured, all our bespoke Cornish jewellery commissions are both designed and meticulously handcrafted in Cornwall by our skilled metalsmith. If desired, they can be stamped with an authentic Cornish maker's Hallmark.

What Packaging do you Use?

We prioritize sustainability in our packaging, offering eco-friendly jewellery boxes embellished with our Sennen Jewellery logo. Our St Justin jewellery comes in a dedicated St Justin eco-friendly box, though if you'd prefer a Sennen Jewellery box, we're more than happy to accommodate your request.

Why should I Commission a Piece of Jewellery?

Choosing to commission a piece of Cornish Jewellery grants you an intimate role in the design process. You can collaborate with our designer to bring your unique vision to life, selecting everything from the metal to the style. Popular choices include Cornish Engagement rings and Cornish Wedding rings, but we also offer services to remodel vintage jewellery to your preference. 
Start your journey with a Free Jewellery Design consultation with our in house jewellery designer.

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