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Jewellery Commissions by Sennen Jewellery

What is a Jewellery Commission?

A jewellery commission with Sennen Jewellery allows you to be an integral part of the Cornish jewellery design process. Join the creative journey, helping to sculpt your very own piece of bespoke Cornish jewellery.

Why Choose Sennen Jewellery for your Jewellery Commision?

Partnering with our in-house designer, you shape the narrative of your piece, from the selection of metals to the intricate nuances of Cornish jewellery design. This collaborative process ensures your piece resonates with personal significance and Cornish authenticity.

Cornish engagement rings and Cornish wedding rings are among the favorites for bespoke creations. Additionally, we offer the delicate art of remodeling vintage jewellery. When feasible, we melt and refashion your existing precious metal, preserving its historical connection.

Whether it's crafting a distinctive engagement ring or reinventing a treasured family heirloom, our bespoke journey promises you an unparalleled piece of Cornish jewellery. Remarkably, this custom experience often aligns with the price points of mainstream, ready-made jewellery.

Cornish Jewellery design
Cornish Jewellery Commission
Cornish Jewellery Commission
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What is the process in creating a Jewellery Commission?

1. Get in Touch

The first step is to have an email correspondence with our in house designer who will guide you through the process. There is no charge for a design consultation or initial sketched ideas.

2. The Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation we will discuss ideas, materials and budget.  This can be by email, over the phone or in person.  Before your consultation, it is a good idea to think about your requirements. This might include:

- What Metal  you would like (Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold, Platinum, Cornish Tin)

- What stones you would like (Diamonds or Gemstones including Cornish sourced gemstones)

Materials are always sourced from suppliers guaranteeing an ethical and non-conflict product.

- Ring size or other dimensions

- An approximate budget

- Deadline if applicable

3. Initial Sketches

We can then present you with hand drawn sketches so that you can visualise your designs.  This is followed by a detailed design sketch and a quote. 


4. Payment

Depending on the piece and the work involved a deposit of 50%-100% may be required to proceed.


5. The Jewellery is handmade to your Requirements

Once the design is approved by you we will begin to hand craft your item. The entire process takes between two and eight weeks depending on the complexity of the design.  When completed, we will photograph and then post your Custom jewellery  via a tracked service or alternatively you may collect it from us.

What are the Next Steps in Commissioning a Cornish Jewellery Design?

​If you are interested in commissioning a piece of work, please contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation.

We look forward to creating a very special and unique piece for you.

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