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Jewellery Commissions by Sennen Jewellery

Cornish Gold Wedding Rings

At Sennen Jewellery, we specialize in crafting beautiful and unique Cornish gold wedding rings, engagement rings and other bespoke jewellery. Our wedding rings are designed to reflect the beauty and authenticity of Cornish heritage, making your special day even more memorable.

Why Choose Us for Your Wedding Rings or Jewellery Commission?

Partnering with Sennen Jewellery means you are part of a creative journey, where you help shape your piece from start to finish. Our in-house designer works closely with you to ensure your wedding ring or other jewellery piece is exactly what you envisioned.

The Creative Process

  1. Get in Touch: Begin with an e-mail consultation with our designer to guide you through the process. There is no charge for the initial consultation or sketches.

  2. The Initial Consultation: We discuss ideas, materials (like white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, and more), and budget. This can be done via e-mail, phone, or in person. We also consider ring size and other dimensions, the approximate budget, and any deadlines.

  3. Initial Sketches: Receive hand-drawn sketches to visualize your design. This is followed by a detailed design sketch and a quote.

  4. Payment: Depending on the piece, a deposit of 50%-100% may be required.

  5. Handcrafting: Once the design is approved, we handcraft your item in our workshop in Cornwall, UK. The process takes between two to eight weeks. Upon completion, the jewellery is sent to be hallmarked if required.

  6. Shipping: Your custom piece is then photographed and posted via tracked service or collected in person.

cornish gold wedding rings

 Materials we Work With

  • Gold: Choose from 9ct gold, 18ct gold, or Cornish gold for your rings.

  • Silver: Elegant silver rings that can include Cornish tin inlays.

  • White Gold: A popular choice for its timeless elegance.

  • Rose Gold: Adds a warm, romantic touch to your wedding rings.

  • Platinum: For those who want a durable and luxurious option.

  • Cornish Tin: Authentic Cornish tin can be fashioned into earrings, pendants, or bracelets. Being relatively soft, it cannot be used in a ring on it's own, however we can inlay the Cornish tin into another metal.

Cornish Jewellery design
Cornish Jewellery Commission
Cornish Jewellery Commission
Shield 014.JPG
Celtic Cross Commission 025 small.jpg
oak locket small.jpg
DSCF1576 small.jpg
Cornish Inscribed Rings sm.jpg
2013-12-03 14.25.12 small.jpg

Discuss Your Ideas with Us

We invite you to discuss your ideas and requirements with our in house jewellery designer. From price considerations to the overall design process, we are here to help you create a special piece of jewellery.

Next Steps

If you are interested in commissioning a unique piece of Cornish gold jewellery, please contact us on or using the form below for more information or to arrange a consultation. We look forward to creating a very special and unique piece for you.

Cornish Jewellery Commissions

At Sennen Jewellery, we pride ourselves on creating unique and beautiful jewellery commissions and rings that stand out. Whether you’re looking for a wedding ring, an engagement ring, or another piece of jewellery, our designs are tailored to meet your specific needs and style preferences.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

All materials are sourced from suppliers who guarantee ethical and non-conflict products. We can also remodel vintage jewellery, melting and refashioning your existing precious metals to preserve their historical connection.

cornish gold wedding rings

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