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Cornish Tin Jewellery

Discover our Cornish Tin Jewellery collection, celebrating Cornwall's rich heritage. Each piece, from necklaces and earrings to bespoke jewellery commisions using Cornish tin inlays in silver or gold, embodies love and tradition, making them perfect for 10th anniversaries and those who cherish their Cornish roots.

Cornish tin jewellery

Cornish Tin

At Sennen Jewellery, we are proud to celebrate our rich Cornish heritage through our Cornish tin jewellery collection. Each of our designs, from elegant necklaces and earrings to classic tin bangles, is crafted to showcase the unique character of tin that has been carefully smelted and shaped to perfection.

Our Cornish tin products are not only a nod to tradition but also a reflection of our commitment to quality and creativity. For those looking to commemorate a special bond, our Cornish tin jewellery is ideal, as tin is the symbol for celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary. Cornish tin, while soft and malleable, allows us to create bespoke commissions, made in Cornwall, where tin is beautifully inlaid into silver or gold, providing a perfect fusion that captures the essence of love and commitment.

Discover our range of products, where each design resonates with the spirit of Cornish craftsmanship. Whether you're drawn to the classic beauty of a tin necklace or earrings, or the bespoke charm of a custom-made piece, our Cornish tin jewellery collection is here to offer something truly special.

Cornish tin jewellery
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