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December Birthstones: Blue Topaz and Turquoise

Ah, December! The month of festive cheers, snowflakes, and, of course, December birthdays. If you're contemplating the ideal gift for those celebrating their December birthday or fancy treating yourself, the universe has graced December with sparkling gems. Settle down with a warm brew, and let's delve deeper into the magic behind these December treasures.

December birthstone

Blue Stones: Blue Topaz and Turquoise

As December's birthstones, the entrancing Topaz and the ageless Turquoise are gifts from the cosmos to those born in this festive month. Sharing a cool blue palette, these birthstone jewellery options are perfect for those with December birthdays, as well as everyone who appreciates the blue hues of these beautiful gemstones.

All About That London Blue Topaz Glow

Topaz, especially the variant known as London Blue Topaz, is prized for its vibrant blue, almost oceanic hue. Often reminiscent of Cornwall's clear waters, this gemstone offers a deep, saturated colour, making it a favoured choice for jewellery enthusiasts worldwide.

The Historical and Mystical Charm of Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz has its roots steeped in ancient beliefs. Historically, this gem was believed to offer protection and healing to its wearers. In the realms of crystal healing, Blue Topaz is considered a stone of calmness, helping to balance emotions and promote a sense of peace.

december birthstone

Turquoise: Echoing the Vast Skies and Seas

Turquoise, the other traditional December birthstone, has been a cherished gemstone for millennia. Its unique blue-green hue has been symbolic of protection, wisdom, and nobility. The beauty of turquoise jewelry lies in its often webbed or marbled appearance, giving each piece its unique character. Many opt to wear turquoise in the form of a turquoise ring or necklace, embracing its storied history and timeless appeal.

Turquoise's Rich Past and Symbolism

In ancient times, Turquoise was considered a bridge between heaven and earth. Its calming blue tones were believed to bring peace and protection to the wearer. Today, crystal enthusiasts value Turquoise for its purported abilities to realign energy chakras and enhance meditation.

december birthstone

December Birthstone: The Ideal Christmas Jewellery?

Blue Topaz and Turquoise are great choices for Christmas jewellery, capturing the essence of the festive season. Their colors evoke images of crisp winter skies, intertwined with warm memories of summer, making them ideal for holiday gifting. Whether featured in a necklace, ring, or bracelet, these stones bring a sophisticated elegance to any ensemble, perfectly blending the spirit of winter with a splash of summer nostalgia.

cornish jewellery

FAQs: December Birthstone

How does Blue Topaz differ from London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz comes in varying shades. Swiss Blue Topaz has a bright, sky-blue hue, while London Blue Topaz showcases a deeper, almost tealy blue reminiscent of a tranquil Cornwall evening. Regular Blue Topaz sits between these, offering a balanced blue tone.

Why are there two Traditional December birthstones?

Historically, birthstones were determined based on their colour. Since Blue Topaz and Turquoise have similar blue tones, they were both assigned to December, offering a richer choice for those born in this month.

Is turquoise a gem that can be worn on a daily basis?

Turquoise is slightly softer than some gemstones, meaning daily wear is possible, but a bit of care will ensure its longevity.

Advice on looking after Cornish December birthstone jewellery?

Absolutely! Keep them clear of harsh chemicals. Cleaning with a soft cloth will keep them gleaming.

Could I commission a custom piece with December birthstones from Sennen Jewellery?

Of course! At Sennen Jewellery, we take pride in crafting personalised jewellery that resonates with your personal story

december birthstone

Cornish Jewellery

Cornish jewellery is celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality, making it the perfect setting for December's birthstones. Cornish artisans, with their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to preserving the natural beauty of each stone, create jewellery that is both timeless and elegant. December is a month known not only for its festive cheer but also for the captivating charm of Blue Topaz and Turquoise. When these stunning stones meet the skilled artistry of Cornwall, the result is a truly exquisite and harmonious pairing.

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