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Inspired by the Sea: Our Cornish Jewellery Collections

Cornwall, with its rugged cliffs, sweeping bays, and Celtic heritage, offers a wellspring of inspiration. Its natural beauty and rich history have provided the creative spark for Sennen Jewellery. Our collections, featuring pieces made from Cornish Tin, Bronze, Pewter, Sterling Silver, Murano Glass, and Gold, is deeply influenced by this magnificent region and its links to the sea.

Cornwall, with its rugged cliffs, sweeping bays, and Celtic heritage, is a region of enduring allure. Its natural beauty and rich history serve as the backdrop for the Sennen Jewellery collection. Our selection, featuring pieces made from Cornish Tin, Silver, Murano Glass, and Gold, mirrors the distinctive spirit of Cornwall and its links to the sea.

Sourcing our collection is a journey that takes us through the creativity of local designers and specially selected ethical jewellery companies. The Murano glass pieces echo the myriad blues and greens of the sea, while the use of Cornish Tin and Silver reflects the region's mining heritage.

Celtic themes play a prominent role in our curated collection, reflecting Cornwall's cultural roots. The intricate knots and patterns that embellish our Celtic pieces pay homage to these ancient traditions, embedding symbolism and sentiment into our selected designs.

The diversity of the Cornish coast’s wildlife is another captivating theme within our collection. From playful dolphins to majestic seagulls, our chosen pieces pay tribute to the array of wildlife that enlivens this shoreline. These representations, skillfully captured in gold and silver, allow the wearer to keep a piece of the Cornish coast close to their heart.

At Sennen Jewellery, our role lies in bringing together a collection that encapsulates the essence of Cornwall and its stunning coast. Each piece in our selection is more than just jewellery; it's a symbol of Cornwall's awe-inspiring landscapes, its rich Celtic traditions, and the timeless charm of its coast.

Whether you have a connection to Cornwall or simply appreciate its beauty, our jewellery offers a chance to carry a piece of its charm with you. From the serenity of its sea to the mystery of its Celtic symbols, our collection embodies the elegance and enchantment of Cornwall.

FAQs: Our Cornish Jewellery Collections

What Materials are Used in your Cornish and Celtic Jewellery?

Our collections feature Cornish Tin, Cornish Bronze, Pewter, Sterling Silver, Murano Glass, and 9ct Gold. These materials are selected for their quality and their connection to Cornwall's heritage and coastal beauty.

What kind of Designs can I find in your Collection?

Our collection is rich in designs inspired by the Cornish coast, Celtic patterns, and local wildlife. You can find pieces that depict sea creatures and waves as well as intricate Celtic knots.

How does Cornwall Inspire the Jewellery Designs at Sennen Jewellery?

We draw inspiration from the colours of the Cornish sea, the region's mining history, its wealth of coastal wildlife, and its Celtic heritage. These elements are thoughtfully incorporated into our designs.

Are there any Specific Symbols used in your Cornish and Celtic jewellery?

Yes, we incorporate symbols from Cornish and Celtic traditions. For instance, Celtic knotwork, which represents infinity and the interconnectedness of life, is a common motif in our designs.

Can I Request a Custom Design that Reflects a Specific Aspect of Cornwall?

We always welcome new design ideas. Please contact us to discuss potential custom designs.

How should I care for my Cornish and Celtic Jewellery?

Each piece requires specific care depending on its materials. Generally, it's best to clean your jewellery gently with a soft cloth and to avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

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