Cornish Love pendant - Silver or Bronze
  • Cornish Love pendant - Silver or Bronze

    Pendant with engraved Cornish inscription - One ring to show our love.
    In Sterling Silver with a Sterling silver snake chain or Cornish Bronze with a Gold plated snake chain.


    Inscription reads: "Un bysow dhe dhysquedhes agan kerensa" which translates as "One ring to show our love".

    During the 12th century the Cornish knight, Tristan, defeated the Irish knight, Morholt, to bring the fair Iseult home for his uncle, King Mark, to marry. On the journey back to Cornwall, after ingesting a love potion, Tristan and Iseult fell madly in love. Their complete devotion to each other is symbolised by the Cornish love ring.


    Diameter: 23mm | Chain length: 18 inch (45cm)


    Supplied in a satin-lined gift box. Made in Cornwall by St Justin


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