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Step into a world of legend and lore with our Pewter Openwork Chalice Well Pendant. This pendant features an intricate, embossed design inspired by the ancient Chalice Well cover at Glastonbury, hanging gracefully on an adjustable waxed cotton cord (small design) or an 18" chain (large design).

Available in 2 sizes:

Small: Width: 21mm, Height: 40mm, Thong Length (max.): 30 inches (76cm)
Large: Width: 37mm Height: 40mm | Chain length: 18 inch (45cm)


The Chalice Well is steeped in mystique and history, known for its association with the legend of Joseph of Arimathea and the hiding of the Holy Grail. This pendant captures the well's enduring beauty and enigma, offering a piece of myth and history to wear.


Each pendant is thoughtfully packaged in a recyclable gift box, ready to be cherished as part of your collection or as a special gift resonating with the timeless allure of ancient legends.

Made in Cornwall by St Justin

Glastonbury Chalice Well Pendant, Pewter


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