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Gold Birthstone Pendant

Introducing the gold birthstone pendant.  Perfect for gifting this pendant features a single round 5mm stone set into 9ct yellow gold (except April; diamond, which is a cluster pendant and has a central diamond with 10 small diamonds)

Includes a 9ct adjustable chain 16-18cm

  • January – Garnet – Enhances positive and calming emotions
  • February – Amethyst – Provides balance and harmony through healing
  • March – Aquamarine – Promotes honesty, loyalty and good health
  • April – Diamond –The stone of love, strength and invincibility
  • May – Created Emerald – Symbolises wisdom, love and compassion
  • June – Freshwater Pearl – Believed to restore youth and self-worth
  • July – Created Ruby – The stone of success, devotion and passion
  • August – Peridot – Protects against negative emotion
  • September – Created Sapphire – The stone of destiny and represents truth
  • October – Opal – Enhances imagination and creativity
  • November – Citrine – A symbol of hope, youth and health
  • December – London Blue Topaz – Believed to bring friendship and fortune


NB: Created stones are made in a laboratory, and are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground — However they have a higher clarity and colour grade, are ethical, conflict free and cost less.  The Sapphire and Ruby in this range are created stones; the other stones are natural stones.

Elements Gold jewellery is located in the heart of London’s highly influential fashion scene and has a reputation for affordable luxury with a mix of contemporary and vintage designs that are fresh and exciting.

Each piece comes complete with a gift box.