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A Green Man pendant on cotton thong – solid pewter darkened pendant depicting the Green Man. Comes on an adjustable waxed cotton thong.


Width: 24mm Height: 47mm approximately


The Green Man, an ancient symbol predating Christianity, has long been a figure of pagan lore, seamlessly integrated into Christian art from the 6th century onward. Found in churches and cathedrals across Europe, his leaf-adorned visage symbolizes the intimate bond between humans and nature, embodying life, rejuvenation, and rebirth. He is revered as a guardian and guide, representing the eternal cycle of growth and renewal.


This pendant, supplied in a recyclable gift box, captures the spirit of this ancient and enduring symbol, making it a significant piece for those who feel connected to the natural world and its timeless myths.

Made in Cornwall by St Justin

Green Man Pendant on cotton thong


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