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These earrings, crafted from 9ct or 18ct Single Mine Origin ethical gold, feature a distinct hand-applied texture inspired by the dynamic movement of grass (Gwels) swaying in the wind (Gwyns). This design pays homage to the breathtaking Cornish landscape.


Part of the Gwels Ha Gwyns collection, each pair is an original design, meticulously handcrafted to order by goldsmith Francesca Stella in her Cornwall studio. With a choice of ethical gold, these earrings not only embody the beauty of nature but also reflect a commitment to sustainable and ethical craftsmanship.


The earrings come in a special leather and velvet box with their own polishing pad, and accompanied by a waxed sealed copy of Gwels Ha Gwyns story on handmade recycled paper. The exquisite design and presentation makes these earrings the perfect gift.


Front panel 20mm x 3mm
Overall each earring is 17mm deep

Available in 9ct gold or 18ct Gold.
The gold is from a Single Mine Origin known for its ethical practices.

Hallmarked with the official gold mark and the Francesca Stella signature sponsor mark.

Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery of this made to order item.

Gwels Ha Gwyns Half Hoop Earrings, 9ct or 18ct Ethical Gold


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