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Carry a symbol of serenity and joy with our Peace and Happiness Bind Rune, elegantly crafted from pewter with an engraved runic symbol. This meaningful pendant is strung on an adjustable black leather thong.


Width: 29mm, Height: 24mm | Thong Length (max.): 30 inches (76cm)


Bind runes, ancient symbols formed by overlaying several runes, hold significant power and meaning. This particular bind rune combines Wunjo, Berkana, and Kano, promoting total harmony with life. Wunjo brings joy and peace, Berkana symbolizes growth and new beginnings, and Kano represents opening and acceptance, together dispelling negative energies and fostering happiness in the home.


This pendant is a modern connection to these age-old practices and symbols, offering a touch of tranquility and positivity in daily life.


Presented in a flock-lined acetate window box.

Peace and Happiness Bind Rune pendant


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