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Exploring sustainable ways of thinking and how to protect our earth in better ways, these princess cut stud earrings feature lab created precious stones. Crafted in 9ct gold with lab created ruby, sapphire or emerald, these earrings are ideal for all occasions. 

The Sapphires are set in White gold, and the Rubies and Emeralds are complemented by Yellow Gold settings.


Weight:  1.16g
Length: 6.7mm
Width: 6.7mm
Depth:  4.9mm

Stone size: 5mm / 5mm


Why not pair with the matching necklace for a co-ordinated style.


Chemically and Physically, lab grown gemstones are made from the same materials as natural gemstones, have the same atomic structure and crystal habit, and can only be distinguished from them by a gemologist using a powerful microscope.  However lab grown gemstones are sustainable, and avoid the ethical and environmental issues that mined natural gemstones can face.

Princess Cut Earrings with Sustainable Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby

£221.00 Regular Price
£175.00Sale Price

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