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Discover the power and grace of mythical beasts with our Rock Dragon Necklace. This impressive piece features a large, solid pewter dragon pendant, gracefully suspended on an 18″ curb chain.


Width: 57mm, Height: 69mm


In various mythologies, dragons represent a formidable blend of power and wisdom. Often illustrated with wings, a serpent’s tail, and horns, these majestic creatures symbolize celestial force, earth energy, and the cycle of regeneration. Known to reign over domains like the underworld, the seas, and the mountains, dragons are revered as guardians of both power and esoteric knowledge.


This necklace, presented in a satin-lined recyclable gift box, captures the essence of these legendary guardians, making it an ideal addition to your collection or a special gift for those fascinated by the lore of dragons.

Rock Dragon Necklace


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