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Experience the fusion of Norse and Celtic mythology with St Justin's large pewter Thor's Hammer Pendant, embellished with a striking Celtic triscele design.


Width: 40mm, Height: 45mm


This pendant beautifully blends the mighty symbolism of Thor, the paramount god in ancient Scandinavian religion known for his power over giants and his protective role in the household, with the intricate artistry of Celtic design. The triscele, a prominent motif in late Celtic art with possible Roman influences, is believed to symbolize the three realms of Celtic lore: past, present, and future. Its enduring popularity, especially into the Christian era, may be attributed to its potential representation of the Holy Trinity.


Each pendant is meticulously crafted and comes in a satin-lined recyclable gift box, a perfect addition to any collection celebrating ancient lore and artistry.

Thor's hammer with triscele pendant - adjustable cord


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