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Three Hares Pendant, a captivating pewter openwork piece gracefully suspended on a tin-plated snake chain.


Width: 29mm, Height: 29mm | Chain Length: 18 inches (45cm)


The symbol of the three hares, interconnected by their ears, spans across various cultures and religions including Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist traditions. This intriguing motif is present in medieval churches across Britain and Europe, a German synagogue, Iranian metalwork, and Buddhist temples from China's Sui dynasty. The image is often interpreted to represent the Holy Trinity.

In Celtic lore, the hare is revered as a symbol of the moon, embodying fertility, longevity, and abundance. It is closely linked to the Goddess Eostre (Ostara), associated with spring's renewal, and has influenced the iconic Easter bunny.


Each Three hares Pendant pendant is handcrafted in Cornwall by St Justin, and comes in a satin-lined recyclable gift box.

Three Hares Pendant


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